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Join us on our sex podcast FOREPLAY for the best conversation you’ve always wanted to have about sex..

Sex podcast FOREPLAY - Radio Sex Therapy helps committed couples keep it HOT!! Our podcast features nationally-acclaimed sex therapist, author, and podcast host Laurie Watson talking with her podcast co-host, couples counselor, Dr. Adam Mathews about the vital topics of sexuality, marriage and committed partnership.

Opposite sex hosts - a man and a woman - with as much as 45 years of professional counseling experience between them, are funny, frank and real! This sex podcast gives you the most expert, experienced and empathic advice of any podcast available!

First of all, get the detailed knowledge about sex that you always wanted to ask about if you weren't too shy or embarrassed. Increase sexual frequency! Learn the best sex techniques! Resolve low libido or lack of sexual desire, PE (premature ejaculation), ED (erectile dysfunction) and anorgasmia (no orgasm) with this Radio Sex Therapy podcast!

Build confidence in your sexual technique. Model after Laurie and Adam and talk comfortably with your partner about intimacy. Heal cheating and restore trust in your relationship after an affair. Laugh about bodily functions during sex and learn to ignore distractions. Know what women want. Mature sexually and emotionally so you and your partner can have the best sex possible!

Especially relevant topics:
*Secrets to drive your woman wild in bed
*Why men are hung up over size
*Stop premature ejaculation
*She can have an orgasm - here's how!
*Increasing libido in your woman
*Have a productive sex talk with your partner
*What does it mean when men say they want their partner
to talk dirty
*Secure attachment=secure sexual supply

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Furthermore, many of our listeners write to tell of amazing sexual breakthroughs after listening to our podcast episodes together!

Are you ready to improve your sex life? We invite you and your partner to join in probably the most natural, comfortable, educational conversation you've every had about sex!! Listen now!

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