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Archive for March 2016

Episode 11: Premature Ejaculation with author Michael Castleman

Premature Ejaculation — the number 1 sexual dysfunction for men is easily cured. Author Michael Castleman joins Laurie and gives vital information about the steps to cure PE. Episode 11: Premature Ejaculation Visit Michael’s amazon page and his blog. If you have a topic you’d like to bring up […]

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Episode 10: Kissing

Kissing often falls off in a long-term relationship. As the eyes are the window to the soul, kissing is the window to the heart.  Join the conversation with Laurie and Tony! If you have topics that you’d like to hear about, email us at

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Episode 9: When Sex Changes

The frequency of sex in a relationship can change suddenly — whether on the honeymoon, when partners decide to live together, or at other points when life crowds in and crowds out sex. Join Laurie and Tony as they discuss why this happens and what can be […]

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Episode 8: 52 and Needing Blue

Erectile dysfunction in men 45 and older in a partnered relationship is a problem with solutions. Listen to Laurie and Tony distinguish physiological ED and partnered ED and offer approaches to solve this problem in this podcast spurred by a question from a listener. If you want […]

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