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Archive for April 2016

Episode 15: His and Hers Fantasies

Fantasies can play an essential role in keeping a sexual relationship vibrant. Men and women’s fantasies differ and understanding the differences can heighten the couple’s experience together.

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Episode 0: Foreplay

Foreplay — What’s it all about? Why is foreplay essential for the sex life you want to have.  Join author and sex therapist Laurie Watson discuss the whole point of the podcast Foreplay.

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Episode 14: Variety

Variety and creativity in sex can both make our sexual relationship sizzling, but it can also be a source of tension.  Join Laurie Watson, author of “Wanting Sex Again” and her co-host discuss variety! Episode 14: Variety Check out Laurie’s book, Wanting Sex Again on Amazon!  

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Episode 13: Affairs — What counts?

What is an affair? It can be broader than sex-outside-the-relationship. Different people have different definitions, which leads to tension within the relationship. Who can we be for our partner? Join Laurie and Tony as they discuss the difficulties of affairs. Episode 13: Affairs — What counts?

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Episode 12: Talking

Talking is one of the most underrated parts of Foreplay… and it can begin in the morning and last all day long. Join Laurie Watson and her co-host Tony Delmedico for this important, and overlooked, way to improve your sex life. Epidsode 12: Talking

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