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Episode 29: Physical Attraction

Afraid you’ve lost attraction to your partner? Certified Sex Therapist Laurie Watson and psychologist Dr. Adam Matthews explain why attraction can lessen in long-term relationships. Learn practical and psychological ways to feel desire again for your partner or spouse.

This episode is the final episode with lessened sound quality. We’ll be back next week with our awesome quality level of sound.

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  1. What Laurie says about herself is true for some men (like myself) too, especially after years of sexual experience. When I was young, the main thing was if a woman was “hot”. But after much years of experience, it’s so much more than that. If a woman is erotically “dead” (as Laurie says about some men), then she’s much less “sexy” no matter how “hot” she looks.

    I think it’s a process of sexually maturing through your experience, and growth in your imagination and fantasies. With experience, you realize that if a woman only looks attractive, but lacks humor, erotic interests, etc., then there is no potential for sexual fun. She might as well just be a centerfold in an old Playboy magazine (which was sometimes all a young teenage boy wanted anyway).

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